D'Ambrosio twins

Bianca & Chiara


Bianca D'Ambrosio


Chiara D'Ambrosio


Hailing from Malibu, CA, Twin sisters Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio broke into show business at two and a half years old, and haven’t looked back since. Since their break-out role as Summer Newman on The Young and the Restless (CBS), the girls have been featured in several commercials and popular music videos including Bon Jovi’s “What Do You Got” and American Idol alum Crystal Bowersox’s hit music video for her 2010 hit single, “Farmer’s Daughter.” On the small screen, Chiara and Bianca have appeared together or individually on NBC’s smash comedy hit Parks and Recreation, Legit, The Jeselnik Offensive, The Closer,  Criminal Minds and Nickelodeon's See Dad Run.  

Bianca and Chiara made their feature film debut in Feeding Mr. Baldwin, an award-winning dark comedy directed by Will Prescott which is out right now on video on demand. In addition to appearing in Catch, I’ve Got Your Back and Voodoo the Right Thing the twins worked in Reflections opposite veteran actor Ray Wise.  

In December 2012, Bianca and Chiara released the music video for their anti-bullying song, “Let Your Light Shine.” Filmed over three days in Southern California, the video featured several of their celebrity friends and quickly went viral . Widely considered as the anthem for anti-bullying efforts worldwide during 2013, the “Let Your Light Shine” music video was an Official Selection at dozens of film festivals, including the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, and Garden State Film Festival, and received numerous honors. In June 2013, Bianca and Chiara received a prestigious Gracie Allen Award for “Outstanding Viral Video” at their annual awards in NYC.


In the last year, the girls stepped up their game and decided to start creating and posting a series of videos weekly on YouTube and social media. With showcasing their love for music and playing instruments (Chiara, Drums and Vocals and Bianca Guitar and Vocals), the girl decided to go through all the songs they grew up hearing in the house. Taking a different approach to song choice, they looked to songs influenced by their Mom and Dad.  The girls practiced and prepared songs by The Ramones, Best Coast, Twenty One Pilots, The Ting Tings and more to record and post weekly.  This lead to  D’Ambrosio Twins Got You Covered, which gained attention for both the song choice and the fact that the girls played the instruments.  For the preparation of these songs, the girls enlisted Marko DeSantis from the band Sugarcult to help them arrange and produce these songs as a two piece.  From this experience, the girls decided to write an original song with Marko.  The result of this collaboration became “Young And Free”.  A song the girls released as a single on iTunes in June 2017.  To accompany the song, the girls filmed a video co-starring Hayden Summerall of Musical.ly fame again getting great press for the song and their co-writng and performing abilities.

In addition to the music side, the girls began airing Twin Talk every Wednesday, which features the girls reviewing TV shows they love, Challenges and other pop culture based discussion and fun.  Finally to round out their weekly posts, the girls bring their audience into their daily world with “A Day In The Life of the D’Ambrosio Twins”, which is a 2-5 minute look into the strange and fun world of the twins.  From attending movie premieres, beauty pageants, runway shows, concerts and more.  The girls and the show were nominated for Young Entertainer Award.


The girls are currently filming guest starring roles in a popular kids tv show to be announced soon.
They are slated to work on a psychological thriller , spring 2018 and continue working on their
music and more fun to share with everyone.